A knowledge area of a journalist
Here you can get information and tips for journalistic writing

Behind every newspaper stand hundreds of people whose job is to make sure you wake up in the morning and have something interesting to read • Here's a glimpse of how it looks from the inside


The Newspaper. You come across it in houses, on the streets, in shops and at intersections. We often take it for granted, yet it has been around our world for hundreds of years. But behind folded and wrapped paper that is distributed all over of the country at sunrise, there is a whole set of dedicated people whose job it is to bring you the most important stories written and...

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Long hours of editorial work are concentrated into an editorial shift, where knowledge, technique, and timeliness are required - and the ability to tell a bad joke every now and then. From the diary of a news editor

It is late afternoon. The news is being broadcast on the radio, on television they begin to talk about the day's events, and I say good-bye to the family and head out to the news center in Tel Aviv. Sometimes, while listening to the radio, I try to bet with myself - which of these topics will be on the pages that will be mine to edit. Sometimes news breaks out and is broadcast in real...

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Ready to cook-up your first articles? Get the winning recipe for accurate text, combined with the right spices that will make it interesting • Warning: All names in the examples are fictitious except one: Justin Bieber

We have reached the moment of truth. We were at the event, decided to summarize our impression of it, and were assigned 400 whole words (that's a lot in daily newspaper terms). What now? Here is the short guide to a winning article.


Focus on the Essentials

If you've been to Justin Bieber show in Israel (good for...

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The newspaper, like any organized media, makes every effort to maintain proper and clear wording • A bit of advice to guarantee that your text will be shared by readers

As I have said in previous articles, the subject of language is very important in my paper and in every other newspaper. The same goes for radio and television. A proofreading team reads the texts, makes changes, and checks every period, comma, and exclamation point.

Unfortunately, for lack of time, proofreaders do not have the ability to read my article. It is also true that in preparing an article for...

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The most prominent object on the page is the one that also requires the most thought • brief or informative? Quote or maybe a pun? Here are some examples of headlines that will make every piece a winning piece

A man flips through the paper and contemplates what to read. Usually, the first thing that will entice him to devote his time to your article is its headline. It is at the top of the page, alongside the image and the design attracts the initial attention.

There are many types of headlines and leads. Here are some types, and examples:


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