Posted by Yaniv Morozovsky

It all starts with the headline

10 August 2020

The most prominent object on the page is the one that also requires the most thought • brief or informative? Quote or maybe a pun? Here are some examples of headlines that will make every piece a winning piece

A man flips through the paper and contemplates what to read. Usually, the first thing that will entice him to devote his time to your article is its headline. It is at the top of the page, alongside the image and the design attracts the initial attention.

There are many types of headlines and leads. Here are some types, and examples:


Informational Headline

A headline that includes the key information, the important statistics, new information. In many cases this is the right choice. Usually such a headline will be two lines long, so it will be possible to write 6-8 words. When there is room for this type of headline and there is no room for unnecessary beating around the bush, go for it

Quote Based Headline

Suitable for news coverage of a speech or event, or for an article based on an interview

One-Line Headline

Sometimes, for reasons of lack of space, or due to the fact that it is very difficult to encapsulate the news into a few clear words, choose a one-line headline that is explained at length in the lead.


Humorous Headlines

For colorful news, they are my favorite. They are usually short, include amusing puns, and bring a snip of the story. Everything else is on the way soon.

Sometimes the humorous headline sets up the information. These are cases where the lead can be completely dispensed with.