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How can I change the Newspaper Banner, LOGO and Publication date?

The Banner and LOGO are both pictures.
It may be replaced using menu:
Editor Actions > Project Settings

Banner size in Pixels:
Width 937 Height 171

Can we keep editing the Newspaper after exporting to PDF?

Yes, editing will be disabled only after archiving a newspaper.

Once at the archive, one may 'Open' a specific archived Newspaper and also copy articles' text to a new edition.

Can a student and/or teacher be part of several Newspapers/Projects?

Yes any entity being part of the school may have same or different roles in various projects/PBLs

Do we need any special preparation in order to print the Newspapers?

There is no need. After exporting the Newspapers to PDF, you will receive e-Mail with a link to the PDF. It is already compiled and ready for the print house.

See printing recommendation question.

What are the printing recommendation (For the Print house)?

Printing preferences are:
Process, Double sided, 

Size 330X480mm

Weight  135 gr.

What type of pictures may be uploaded?

Newspaper supports JPEG and PNG.
Only authorized pictures are allowed.
When using students' pictures – it is obligatory to have printed parents approval.
If internet pictures are considered, use only pictures with free license for "Labeled for reuse with modification"